Music Review: Davido – Like Dat (Hit or Miss)

Davido just dropped a new music video titled ‘Like Dat‘ and critics are having mixed feelings towards the song. I’ll start by saying I’m #TeamDavido and I’m arguably Davido’s biggest fan but this track has to be Davido’s WEAKEST track so far.

Just a few weeks he gave us FIA and both the song and video were A1 in my opinion. Months before that he also dropped Pere and the ratings were 50:50, to me it was a 9/10 but a lot of people would beg to differ. We still haven’t gotten over the ear deliciousness of a track called FIA and he decided to drop this… this ear sore. The video isn’t much of an eyesore, it’s the basic cliche stuff, hot vixens dancing, cars, expensive clothes, same old same old. It’s like serving us Asun (Pere) as appetizers, then the main dish is FIA (Jollof rice with fried turkey) and then for dessert you give us a stale cake with green mold here and there(Like Dat).
As a Davido fan, I’d say I’m very disappointed and in the words a great man (the great man being drake), “I’m just saying, You could do better”

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